We decree Black Friday shall be for all of November!


And so it was!

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The Everlasting Gift of Scottish Land

  Your land will last forever and, according to Tripadvisor,  is located within one the most popular nature reserves in Scotland.  You are free to visit any time and we hope that you do.

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10 Sqft Gift Pack
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Best Gift ever!

Best gift ever! Purchase was simple and well explained. Everything arrived in time for Christmas. My Lady CyAnne of Kilnaish and Glencoe Wood couldn't be happier. It goes so well with her United Kingdom heritage; her mother was from Cambridgeshire. The tartan scarf was a very good addition. All in all, a wonderful experience.

- Dave

5 starts HT

My husband was so surprised…

My husband was so surprised by his gift. His family has deep roots in Scotland. Christmas morning he spent hours going over his certificates and the website and especially likes the webcam so he can see his plots. We have his certificates framed ready to go on the wall. Thank you Highland Titles.

- Lori

5 starts HT

Awesome Service!

Was so surprised when my order arrived so quickly. I purchased them for my daughter and son for Christmas. This is my second time buying and will not be the last.

- Hillary


Scottish Nature Reserves

After 16 years of support from our Lord and Ladies, we have 5 nature reserves in Scotland! The Highland Titles Nature Reserve at Duror, near Glencoe, is an official visitor attraction.


About Highland Titles

Since 2006, Highland Titles have been funding the creation of multiple nature reserves throughout Scotland by selling the most engaging gift in the world. Read our story

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question on your mind? Discover some of the most common questions asked by our Lords, Ladies and Lairds and read useful information about ordering plots, buying titles and more!