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Our 2023 Discounts and Offers 

Here you will find our exclusive range of discounts and voucher codes that we currently have on offer that you can use when you purchase our titles and plots, and accessories. We do not supply other websites with our offers, so you are in the right place to find genuine offers that you can take advantage of today.  

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5 starts HT

A unique birthday gift

Such a unique and original birthday gift for a friend of Scottish heritage who has everything. He will be thrilled and this newly titled Laird will be planning a visit to his land as soon possible. Arrived in the US very quickly.
Thank you!

- Lynda

5 starts HT

My husband was so surprised…

My husband was so surprised by his gift. His family has deep roots in Scotland. Christmas morning he spent hours going over his certificates and the website and especially likes the webcam so he can see his plots. We have his certificates framed ready to go on the wall. Thank you Highland Titles.

- Lori

5 starts HT

History, nature and conservation, what more could you want?

We are so excited about the opportunity that Highland Titles has created for us to learn about and explore the conservation area. We can’t wait for our first trip!

- Andrew


The Amazing Gift of Scottish Land

  Your land will last forever and, according to Tripadvisor,  is located within one the most popular nature reserves in Scotland.  You are free to visit any time and we hope that you do.

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